Understanding Grief

The death of a loved one often puts us in touch with our own thoughts and feelings about mortality.  We realize how quickly life can end.    

The first step toward regaining a sense of control is to understand grief.  Grief is a physical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual reaction to loss.  Grieving is natural, normal and necessary; your whole world has changed.  Everyone grieves differently.  Our cultural, religious experiences, the circumstances of the death, and our relationship with the person who died influence our reactions to grief.  It is important to acknowledge and express your feelings.

Take care of yourself. Eat properly, get rest, and exercise.  Grief causes tremendous stress on your body.

You will be faced with making many decisions regarding your future.  There are both personal and financial changes that need to be addressed.  Take your time making major decisions.  We usually suggest that no major change, including selling a home or moving be made within the first year of a death.  These changes can't be "fixed" if done too quickly.

As you are getting your finances in order you may need to change insurance beneficiaries, check your health and other insurance policies.

Discussing and preplanning your own funeral arrangements with your family and Harris Funeral Home is also suggested. 

Reach Out To Others

Reach out to others.  Learn to ask for what you need.  Your family and friends want to help, so let them.  Turn to people you can trust for support.

You may find it helpful to talk to others who are grieving and consider joining a support group.