What is a funeral?

A funeral is a ceremony for a deceased person prior to burial, cremation or another means of disposition. A funeral gives the opportunity for family and friends of the deceased to gather and mourn the passing of their loved one, to share cherished memories and celebrate their life. A funeral is a vital first step to help the bereaved heal after the loss.

What type of service should I have?

You should have the service you want. Services are usually held at a funeral home or a place of worship. There are several types of different services, ranging from a traditional religious service to a unique family service. We are prepared to give you the service you want.

Can I personalize a funeral?

Yes you can, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate somebody’s life. There are many unique ways to celebrate a life, let us know your thoughts and desires and we will assist you in honoring your wishes.

Do we need to have an obituary notice and what is included in one?

No. An obituary lets the public know that a death has occurred and provides pertinent information. Obituaries generally include the deceased’s full name, age, place and date of birth, and where they were living when they died. It also includes the name of the deceased’s surviving family, it announces the time and place of the funeral service and shares work history, hobbies and community involvement.

Who are funeral directors and what do they do?

Funeral directors are educated and trained individuals that are in charge of all the logistics following a death. They complete all the necessary paperwork, make arrangements for the transportation of the body, and put into action the choices made by the family in regards to the funeral service and the final resting place of the body. Beyond the logistics, funeral directors are there to provide moral support and guidance for families coping with a death.

What happens if the death occurs in the middle of the night or on the weekend?

At the Harris Funeral Home we are here to help, licensed funeral directors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Call us anytime at (607)-498-4929, (845)-439-5200, or (845)-292-0001.

What if a death occurs away from my home town?

The very first thing a family member should do is contact the Harris Funeral Home. We can arrange to have the remains transported home from anywhere in the world. By contacting us first a family will have a considerable savings in the cost of the funeral. We will make all the arrangements to have your loved one returned home.

What is embalming and what purpose does it serve?

Embalming sanitizes and preserves the body; it also slows down the decomposition process. Embalming helps restore the body damaged by traumatic death or illness. It gives time to the family to arrange a service and consider all of their options.

Do I need to have an embalming?

No. However, some countries require embalming by law in order for remains to leave or enter the country. If it is not against your religious custom, embalming is recommended, especially if there is a period of time between the time of death and the burial or cremation.