Eulogies & Obituaries


How can you summarize somebody’s life in a few short minutes?   Writing and delivering a eulogy is an honor.  Here are some tips for writing and delivering an eloquent and memorable eulogy.

  • Gather information.  Talk with family members, close friends and co-workers to get important information on the deceased.  This might include education, career, hobbies or special interests, places the person lived or traveled, and any special accomplishments.
  • Organize your thoughts.  Create an outline of your eulogy, and fill in the information that you gathered about the person.
  • Write it down.  Writing it all down allows you to include and remember every detail you wanted in your eulogy.  When you bring a copy your eulogy to the podium make sure it is easy to read, print it out in a large font, or if it hand-written leave a few spaces between the lines.  Know your time constraints so you can prepare accordingly.
  • Draft, Review, and Revise
  • Rehearse.  Read over your eulogy several times in order to become familiar with it.  Read it to friends or family and have them give you feedback.  Become familiar with your euolgy.  The more you practice the more comfortable you will be. 
  • Humor is acceptable, but be respectful
  • Don’t be afraid to show emotion.
  • Have a glass of water and tissues handy.


We can assist you in writing an obituary. 
Most newspapers charge by the space; the template below can be used as a guideline.

(Name of Deceased) of (City, State), a/an (Occupation) and (a lifelong area resident / a long time area resident) died (Day of Week), (Month) (Date), (Year) at (Place of Death). She/He was (Age).

The daughter/son of the late (Fathers First Name) and (Mother’s First Name) (Mother’s Maiden Name) (Father’s Last Name), she/he was born (Month Day, Year) in (City and State of Birth).

She/he proudly served Our County in the US (Branch of Military) from (Dates); She/he enjoyed (Activities/Hobbies); She/he was a member of (Organizations); She/he received (Awards/Honors).

Survivors include her/his (Relation), (Name) of (City). (List all survivors: spouse, children, siblings, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews).

She/he was predeceased by her/his (Relation), (Name). (List predeceased: spouse, children and siblings.)

Visitation will be (Day of Week) (Month) (Date), (Year) from (Time) in the Harris Funeral Home.

(Funeral services / Mass of Christian Burial) will be (Day of Week) (Month) (Date), (Year) at (Time) in the (Location). (Name of Clergy/Celebrant) will officiate.

Burial will be in the (Name and Location of Cemetery).

Memorial contributions in (Name of Deceased)’s name may be made to the (Organization and Mailing Address)

Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to the Harris Funeral Home (West Street at Buckley, Liberty, NY / Railroad Avenue Roscoe, NY) (845)-292-0001 or (845)-439-5200 or (607)-498-4929.